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The Setting Sun Today July 28, 2008

Posted by Manuel in Living Day to Day.
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The Setting Sun Today, originally uploaded by marrngtn (Manuel).

I feel exhausted. I am at the end of my physical and emotional gas tank. My spirit has never been stronger but it is being tested by my heart, ego, pride and desires. All while praying for my father.

My eyes feel ready to shut. Fours hours of sleep has become destructive beyond words. December of last year I thought I had my life figured out. But it was just getting interesting I suppose.

The sunset has so much meaning to me in this very moment. It symbolizes so many issues in my life. Those things that are going to happen no matter what. The relief is knowing that unlike me it will definetly rise with or without me. So how that is so comforting.

Well I am about to close my eyes. Hopefully I will rise with the morning Sun. I will be given another day to correct the wrongs and maximize the oppurtunities in my life.



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