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My Final Blog on 360 July 9, 2008

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

This will be my last blog on 360. The service doesn’t work that well anymore and I am more than occupied on Flickr, Blogger, Multiply and WordPress. You can find me on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/marrngtn or on blogger at http://marrngtn.blogspot.com/ over at WordPress at https://marrngtn.wordpress.com/

My last blog will be about my dad. As you may or may not know he has been very sick, so I will sign-off of 360 will a blog dedicated to him

Hold On
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Holding On, originally uploaded by marrngtn (Manuel).

I am finally home from a full day at the Hospital with my dad. I
posted a picture from my Blackberry earlier today but, this was what I
wanted the picture to be. There are 42 years between my dad and I, we
are father and son, we are best friends, we are fathers and we are

I will cherish the memories that we have had no matter what. My
regret is that I don’t have a son to share my journey in life with.
My daughter is precious and I would not trade her for anything in this
entire world. However, as man and a son I do know there is a
difference in relationship between father and daughter and father and

Pop I don’t know where the road goes from here but I will walk as far
as I can with you until I know I can go no further.



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