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John Henry Turns It Around May 20, 2008

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

John Henry turns around, originally uploaded by marrngtn (Manuel).

For anyone that thinks prayers and positive energy have no influence on outcomes ,needed to see my dad yesterday. This is a picture of him feeding himself.

He has the lust for life again. He is claiming his plans for his 100th Birthday Party 15 years from now.

I can’t imagine those in this life that have no hope in face of crisis and have no where to draw strength.

THANK YOU to my 360 Family for their concerns, prayers and positive energy.



1. Nat B - May 20, 2008

Keep us updated on his progress.

2. Anonymous - May 20, 2008

He is in my thoughts good vibes are being sent his way!!

3. Anonymous - May 20, 2008

We are so often are ready to give up on ourselves,but God never gives up on us !!!!

4. Anonymous - May 25, 2008

How wonderful to see and hear this!God has blessed…and I just know all will continue to be well…I am sooooooooooooo happy for you!

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