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Shadow of My Former Self October 22, 2007

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Shadow of my former self, originally uploaded by marrngtn (Manuel).

As I close on another birthday,
I wonder what has my life meant?

Have I accomplished all that I could have?

Am I the man that God and my parents envisioned and
would have me to be?

Have I stepped into the shadows because the light has been to harsh
or am I just tired of the spot light?

I passed the halfway mark of the average life a few years back.

This year I am the age that my parents were when they had me.

My father of 84 tells me of the prayers that he and my mother had on
their knees. Their praying to God that they would live to see me graduate
from High School. High School seems a lifetime ago.

So many relationships, work and personal, along with life experiences,
have worn on me.

Marriage was the most of these, but I will not bow to the
illusion of helplessness. There is happiness for me somewhere.

I understand the lessons taught and hopefully will be a bit wiser
in the next engagement that life and destiny will present me.

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my destiny. For If
I have no ship, I have no life nor destiny.



1. Anonymous - October 23, 2007

Stands up and claps once again a great blog and a great picture!!!!

2. Anonymous - October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday,Mr Marrngtn…and many more blessed years to follow !

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