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Another Journey to JAX April 2, 2007

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Well 360 Family, I\’m back to JAX on tomorrow. On Friday I received a call from my dad that his wife passed that morning. So I am traveling on Tuesday to be there and support him. There will be a grave side service on Saturday.

I think more and more about decisions I\’ve made in my own life and worry that I thought it not important to have family until late in my life. My sisters have definitely been supportive and participative in all things and thank God for them. For their calm and reason, for their loving and supportive spirit. But I wonder and ponder have I not done something unimaginable in not trying to have a son.

My daughter is the sparkle of my eye and my reason for living. But, there are always things to be done that I wouldn’t expect my sisters to do nor want my daughter to have to do for me. It has never been a question of would they but should they.

Well I guess that\’s neither here nor there…….

I went on a little journey to clear my head of some other things that were happening along with this loss.



1. WOHALI - April 2, 2007

smoke and prayer are sent up for you and your family know that i love you and if you need me you know what to do ok((((((hugs))))))))….much love for dad

2. Anonymous - April 3, 2007

My heart is with your family in this time of need,and I look forward to chatting whenever you are free.

God bless you….and the pictures are fantastic !

3. Nat B - April 4, 2007

My condolences to you and your family. Have a safe journey.

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