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Happy Frozen Valentines 2007 Day from Maryland February 14, 2007

Posted by Manuel in Personal Activism, Responsibility.


There has been a constant freezing drizzle since last night. I’m sitting on the sidelines this morning and waiting for all the morons with SUVs to commit suicide before I venture out. I started to venture out about 3AM this morning to check on the roads but said to myself “Hell No are you Stupid??” So even with the 4×4 Truck, ICE is not snow. All the laws of physics still apply. A moving object requires friction to absorb inertia. This seems to escape the SUV nit wits.

As we remind each other of our love and smother each other with chocolates and flowers. I would like to remind each of you about the suffering and terror that is happening in Darfur.

I'm reminded

This bracelets reminds me everyday. I believe it is only by placing this issue into our collective consciousness will it change. I’m not an activist such as Randall Robinson was with Transafrica and the disinvestment in South Africa. But I realize that it was the attention that activism placed into our minds that eventually changed the tide of apartheid.

So Happy Valentines Day to ALL. Spare a few moments for those who have no hope today.



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