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Charity Run Amuck….. December 9, 2006

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

What has happened in the World?????  Over the last year, I have been endeavoring to reduce the amount of “Stuff” that has accumulated over the years.  Not trash just stuff that I had when I thought “Hey this would be great to have.”  Well needless to say the amount of stuff has accumulated and I don’t wish to throw it away because it’s good “Stuff.”

Well I went to the Salvation Army Donation Center and was told that they don’t take this and they don’t take that and we dont need anymore.  Well, Ok, I guess there are no more less fortunate people in the world.  At least theirs.  So I figure well Goodwill will take this stuff. Hah, fat chance…When I pull up I see the donation center is closed and there are a zillion signs do not drop any items.  Sign detailing what is not acceptable.  What the hell is going on…

So right before I decide to head to the dump with this truck full of “Stuff” form my Storage Bin, I remembered the local AMVets thrift store.  So I head there.  I was greeted by some friendly workers whose origin was a little south of the United States.  They proceeded to help me unload the “Stuff.”  One of the gentlemen motioned for another man to come over.  This man who spoke very good English said to me, “Are you sure you want to give all of this away?”  “Some of it is brand new..”  I assured that yes I wanted to give it to AMVets if they would accept it and give me a tax receipt.  The gentlemen said “No Problem!”  He gave me a receipt and encouraged me to bring anymore items I had back to AmVets that they appreciate my donations and would put it to good use.

Wow a charity that still needs CHARITY!!!!!  Imagine that,  Somehow this must be symptomatic of some larger problem in our society.  Thank goodness AMVets is still in touch with a needy population.

So Today, I went to my sisters house and loaded up a barely used table and chair set and took it to AMVets.    So I encourage everyone to reach out and give to an organization that still has some affiliation with needy people, like Amvets.



1. WOHALI - December 10, 2006

and you we be blessed abundantly for that every thing seems to be changing now adays for the worst! shoot people need things i dont care what it is why would they turn back any items thats just beneathe me!
well as i stated before blessings will be bestowed upon you
love u

2. Anonymous - December 10, 2006

“Cluster Fuck” LOL am I familiar with that one…LOL What is AM Vets and where are they located as I am having the same problem here….

3. marrngtn - December 10, 2006

If anyone needs location info for AMVETS:

3424 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224

5013 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
1-800-292-2259 Pickups

211 South Collins Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229
1-800-292-2259 Pickups

1900 Pulaski Highway
Route 40
Edgewood, MD 21040
1-800-292-2259 Pickups

9880 Washington Boulevard
Laurel, MD 20707
1-800-526-8387 Pickups

4800 Indian Head Highway
Oxon Hill, MD 21229
1-800-526-8387 Pickups

4. Lis - December 23, 2006

Just what I’m doing while packing my things. I’m preparing to move in a couple of weeks and have begun sorting thru my ‘stuff’. Amazing the amount of pictures I’ve accumulated over the years (4 kids and 2 grands, need I say more?) but the other STUFF is really quite useless to me but could be of use to someone else I’m sure. More people should consider doing the same thing.

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