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They’ll have to pry this one from my cold dead hand!!! or a better model comes out ;-) November 7, 2006

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I thought I should write about my latest adventure.  Back in September I lost my T-Mobile HP 6315 Phone.  Yes the one that use to sell for about $500.00.  I digress, the phone had to be replaced.  My criteria for a phone is:

  • Phone Must Have Calendar. (I need to be kept on schedule with alarms)
  • Calendar must be able to Sync between PC(Outlook and Groupwise) and Yahoo.
  • Phone must have address book that has multiple numbers per name.
  • Address book must be able to Sync between PC(Outlook and Groupwise) and Yahoo.
  • Must have Web Browser. (That Actually Works)
  • Must have Email access to Yahoo.

So with these requirements I selected the new Blackberry 8100 from T-Mobile.

This phone is awesome,  I have all my requirements plus with this phone:

  1. The 8100 can accesss my Yahoo/Gmail/Other POP3/Groupwise Mailboxes.
  2. I can listen to music and podcasts downloaded to the 512MB MicroSD Card.
  3. It runs on the GSM High Speed EDGE Network from T-Mobile.
  4. The Bluetooth support for my Jabra BT250 is excellent.
  5. Use Yahoo Messenger (Yes I\’ve been chatting with some of you with messenger on my phone).
  6. Voice Quality is superb.
  7. The Voice Assisted Dialing is pretty damn good.
  8. Blackberry Push Email is phenomenal.
  9. Google Maps with Traffic…….(Let me pause here…I live in the Washington/Baltimore Metro Area that has some of the Worst Traffic.  This single application has made my commute into Washington from Baltimore everyday much better.  The high speed data network allows real time presentation of traffic patterns on I-95/MD-295/I-495/I-66/I-97/US-50)
  10. Did I tell you about Google Maps???
  11. KA-Glom the most addicting game ever.
  12. Did I tell you about Google Maps???

I am better organized and better connected than ever before.  Big shouts for the http://www.blackberryforums.com website.  These are some super folks that have provided some great information.  If your interested in this little device let me tell you what it\’s not great at.  Don\’t get excited about the included camera.  Check out my Moblog on FLickr: http://flickr.com/photos/marrngtn/sets/72157594352621095/ or

If you need a high resolution camera go buy one.  See http://www.dpreview.com and do your research and get a great camera.  My big fingers sometimes have some problems with the keys.
I haven\’t had a chance to take out for a trial down in Rural Virginia.

This is the best phone that I have ever had and I\’ve had quite a few.  Goto T-Mobile and take a test drive, you have 15 days to make up your mind.



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