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Stopping to take a breath and share a thought September 28, 2006

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I’m back from Virginia.  My Aunt’s memorial was very special because it was officiated by my 83 year old father, Presiding Elder Emeritus, and both of my Reverend Sisters.

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My father said that this was not a funeral but a home going service for a life that was lived richly.  That this is a celebration of her life not a mourning of her death.

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All of the cousins had a chance to talk at the dinner we had later on in the day.  It so amazing how all of the cousins in that 40-60 year range all comment on how the land calls them home.  How they want to come back to our family home.  It’s so funny because of the “Mass Exodus” that happen in the late 60s and early 70s. 

I know I’ve written too many times how my soul feels at rest when I’m there but it is so true.

On a sad note…I lost my phone on Friday Night.  Yes the phone I payed a half an arm and leg for a couple of years ago.  So, the stupid insurance I have has a 110.00 deductible if I wanted a refurb HP 6315….Well I ain’t that much in love with the phone so I took the plunge and bought the New Pearl from RIM.  Hopefully it will be here on Friday.

Thanks to all of those that sent positive energy and warm thoughts.

Hey! I almost forgot about all of you “Apple Butter Fans.”

Boy did you guys miss a treat.  We got about 4:30 AM Saturday morning to go over to the church that was “Doing the Do.”

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These folks were doing it the old fashion way.  Let’s see when you stir you have to:

1.  Go Around the pot once
2.  Go through the middle twice

The husband and wife teams had the most amazing rhythm but at last the more I enjoyed the experience the sadder I got.  It occurred to me that when these folks pass nobody is going to be doing this anymore.  No one under  50 is remotely interested in this art.

Oh well thats the end of my thoughts.  Thank you stopping by and sharing them with me.



1. Nat B - October 10, 2006

When I was with my ex-fiance’ his family was planning a family reunion. All of the planning was done by the elder aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The younger generation (20s & 30s) didn’t care to show up to any of the family reunion meetings to help plan the event. Its like they didn’t even care. Its sad to see an older generation pass on because a lot of the family traditions and values are not carried on by the younger generation.

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