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Yeah Right Here in Maryland, Sunday BBQ! August 6, 2006

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Thats right, right here in Marlyand….A real smoked shoulder.  Kentucky and Tennessee ain’t got nothing on me.  Who wants a slice of heaven.  Yeah Wait til the baby backs hit the coals……

UPDATE The ribs are off….



1. Sylvi, a.k.a. Bambolina or simply, The Bam - August 6, 2006

Looks yummy! Email me some plz.

2. Nat B - August 6, 2006

That does look good! Looks like you had a great day.

3. Anonymous - August 6, 2006

WHat??? Now you know I want some ribs!

4. Anonymous - August 7, 2006

OMG…you are making me hungry. lol

5. 360°awkward anonymous.. - August 12, 2006

You make Me Cry….im starving now…but already 3:38 a.m.
(((huGz’N Luv )))

♥ •::•♡♥♥ •::•.N ღ T♥ ♡•::•.

6. Anonymous - August 13, 2006

Aw Man, you makin’ me hungry. I need to go find some food now…..

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