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Torn Between “Today” and “Yesterday” May 2, 2006

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

I had a thought today about people who read my blogs.   It must seem bizzare to look at my profile but Im writing about the cattle auctions.

I work with a lot of Advanced Computer Technology:

DSC00233 DSC01283

I get a lot of accolades about my understanding of technology and how to fit the pieces together.  But it seems unrewarding.

I feel myself pulled to what my family did in the year’s gone bye:

DSC01335Tr_A_ 010

It is almost as if it calls out to me.  When I’m on the farm I sleep so well and feel good no matter what the task has been.  Is it the contemplation life @ 40? 

I applied for a job recently that was well outside of the “Technology” field so that I could be closer to this life.  Have I romanced this “Hard Working Life” in my mind to be something its not?

Just thought I would share some thoughts that I have been having.



1. Mrs. Always Rite - May 2, 2006

hmmm…. sometimes it great to go to work if it’s somethig you like doing. Then it’s not really work. You might have to be a cowboy on the weekends.

2. Anonymous - May 2, 2006

As long as it gives you joy..Alot of us just have a job.But doing something you love,it’s kool.

3. Nat B - May 9, 2006

I applaud you for taking the steps to ensure your satisfaction in your career. Keep us updated. Have a blessed day.

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