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It Seems Family Is Everything In My Life April 18, 2006

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Over the Easter Weekend my mom, who you see in the picture, really wanted to go her sisters grave and place some fresh flowers.  My mom and Aunt Cat were so close.  My mom at 83 has been without her best friend and riding partner for three years.

We cleaned up the area around the head stone, put two bunches of  live flowers and one set of silk flowers.  The silk flowers are colored blue like the Zeta Amicae Colors.  My mom and aunt  were founding members  for the chapter in Prince George\’s County many years ago.

My mom took care of my aunt the last few years of her life.  She never complained or thought about not being there for my aunt.  My sisters often remark that they learned what being sisters really meant from watching my mom and aunt Cat hang out together.

Mom has outlived most of her brothers and sisters, the last five years has seen 3 of the 5 leave this world.   I know my mom misses going to the Casino in AC and Delaware with her riding buddy. 

They were truly the best of friends.





1. Anonymous - April 18, 2006

How sweet…

2. Lady Poetry - April 19, 2006

wow… puts things in perspective! Thank you for sharring Mannuel.

Peace n Blessings,

3. Anonymous - April 19, 2006

YEp..I agree…I appreciated reading this..nice pic’s also!

4. Anonymous - April 20, 2006

Even in death we find the beauty of what existed in life…memories… they are great artwork that God allows us to have beyond it. I appreciate this blog Manuel… I wish God would have blessed me with a sister but I guess that tells me He’s all I need…the best friend and sister I never had. God Bless Your Mom for her bond with her sister.

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