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Here in JAX February 19, 2006

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Hey Folks,

I\’m in Fla……

I drove down on Friday to see my dad.  He was having an issue or two, which at 83 is to be expected I suppose.  The twelve hour ride wasnt bad.  I only had to stop once for fuel.  The Super Crew has 31 gallon tank..

I will be here thru Sunday the 26th.  If anybody knows of anything interesting to do here in JAX let me know.  I\’ve been coming down to visit him for almost twenty years and have yet to find anything \”Interesting.\”  The beach is always good but rather \”Dull.\” Im going to go one morning to get some good shots of the sunrise.

You guys take care and will chat with you soon.



1. windandcloud7 - February 19, 2006


2. Anonymous - February 19, 2006

My prayers are with you and your family…..No, I don’t know any places down there. Never been there before, but would like to one day. Have a safe trip.

3. Sylvi, a.k.a. Bambolina or simply, The Bam - February 19, 2006

Hi M. Hope all is going well with your papa.

4. Sassy - February 19, 2006

I pray that your Dad is doing better. I wish I could tell you something about that area, but I’m no good on that one. I hope you find something to do. Keep us posted on what’s happening. Peace, Strength, Courage, and Blessings.


5. Anonymous - February 20, 2006

Hey… glad you had a safe trip (is that a HYBRID SUPERCREW? lol)!!! Well…I know Dad is feeling better now that you’re there. Thinking about doing any shark hunting while you’re down there? Hope you find something “interesting” to do… I’ve been there a couple of times and I couldn’t find anything myself so GOOD LUCK!!! Have a safe trip back!!! JACK didn’t ride with you did he???

6. marrngtn - February 20, 2006

Nah Ms Keys…He was here waiting for my arrival..

7. Anonymous - February 21, 2006

Only one stop for fuel?! thats awesome! Have fun down there! I’ve never really been to florida other than disney world…so…no suggestions for you this time!

Oh, and I have been trying to find Two Buck Chuck…they dont seem to have it here in Corpus! I’ll have to wait until i go to houston next time! Bummer!

8. Anonymous - February 22, 2006

You are in my territory. I am from North Florida. A small town called Marianna. It is about three hours from Jacksonville. Never cared for Jacksonville because of all the paper mills.

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