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To All the Deep Thinkers, Poets and Philosophers Express Your Thoughts October 31, 2005

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Let’s discuss one of the two issues that you never discuss.

Religion, well not necessarily religion but philosophy.  While commenting on a special friends blog I was inspired to post this topic.

Issue One:

Are faith and facts mutually exclusive?

Issue Two:

Do You believe in predestination of all events in a religious manner (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvinism)

Issue Three:

If you went to the above referenced link.

 Did you read the entire article?

Issue Four:

If you answered No

Why not?

Issue Five:

Do you accept the Yin Yang Principle?   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_yang)

Issue Six:

If you answered No       Why Not?



1. RandyAmoreDios - November 6, 2005

The basis of these questions rest upon two intriguing principles. First is Faith. An elusive sense of another being that shapes all of creation. This unknowing challeges our reasoning. We attempt to grasp how can we be free, yet there is a greater destiny or divine will that seems to surplant our own. This leads to the second truth. Jesus, for example, exemplifies that being free is an ordering to embrace the unknowable with love and trust. However, truth sets one free to believe that predestine people are ready invited and others are not. God, allows all people the freedom to become and His destiny is salvation for all. This Truth is what stirs my faith that ‘ying and yang” or good and evil are all in this salvation plan and you freely choose to be in either polls. You are still a greta gift of a dignified blessed soul. No matter what you choose, savalation is a divine gift for all.

2. marrngtn - November 6, 2005

Thanks for the thoughts.

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