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What are your decisions for today? October 19, 2005

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

 I thought this picture would be good for the topic of decisions.

Somehow some of us seem to think that we are like the fish in this picture.  We were hooked by somebody or something.   Unlike these fish we have very large brains that we should use.  Also unlike these fish we are creatures of emotions, that we have to control.

I\’m no better than anyone else, I\’ve been hooked by a thing or two or three in life.  But I had to learn.  Now, because I have learned from being hooked, I discern for myself what I will or will not participate in.  That participation includes family, job, love and anything else that has drama, joy, sadness and disappointment.  Are all of my decisions right, probably not but I think about them and the larger scheme of life before I act.

We cannot just go around in life acting on instinct.  Instinct is what landed these fish into their predicament.  We all have a vast array of senses, thoughts and ideas at our disposal. 

Well how do I know? Well as they say \”reading is fundamental.\”   Do we read about love, not books by Zane or the latest flesh and skin peddler, but books that speak to the heart and mind. 

I took a challenge on another Blog about giving twenty minutes a day to yourself.  I have a couple of books just sitting around that I am going to read in my twenty minutes that I give to myself.  Wont you take twenty minutes for yourself

Don\’t wind up on the hook or be a victim of someone trolling.  Life is too short to miss the important things.  Yes you will fall down in life but getting up is the most important thing you can do.  Remembering what went wrong is the second most important thing.  Thirdly, what can I do not to be here again.



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