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Monday\’s Thoughts October 10, 2005

Posted by Manuel in Uncategorized.

Well,  I didnt get on-line this weekend but wow..A lot of friends have had such a time.

I went down to my uncles farm this weekend and went to my first cattle auction. 

My relationship with my uncle really means a lot since my dad is so far away.  I\’m learning a lot about being a farmer/rancher.   

At the same time I\’m teaching him how to use GIS Software and program the new Alpine System he had installed in the diesel truck.  Yeah its crazy, he went top of the line when the radio died last week.  The radio has everything but satellite.   So we spent about 30 minutes going over the new radio and discussing where he\’s going to mount the GPS.  Yeah that\’s right he\’s going super high tech with the GPS.  He also wants to take his blues collection and put it on a few MP3 CD\’s  so he wont have to swap cd\’s on his road trips.  The Alpine does MP3\’s

We hitched the big trailer up in hopes of buying some \”Fat Cows,\” to take to the slaughter house for another cousin that was down from PA.  At the exchange there we a lot year olds so we left and went back to the farm.  We\’re going back next month if the weather is better.

I took some nice pictures that you can see by selecting my photo\’s and looking at VA_10_08_05.

My family can trace it roots back 5 generations on this land.  I hope you\’ll look and enjoy them.





1. Sylvi, a.k.a. Bambolina or simply, The Bam - October 10, 2005

Nice pictures. My grandfather had an orchard, apricots, in the then rural part of Sunnyvale, CA. I loved it there. It’s all long gone now, the heart of Silicon Valley. I am glad I came back from college to take pictures of it before it was gone.

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